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Mon – Fri: 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.


2505 2nd Ave
Suite 715
Seattle, WA 98121

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For consults: Metered parking is available all around the building. Most meters go up to 4 hours.
For consult and procedure patients: Republic Parking has a lot (Lot # 30-515B) located behind our
Building at 2610 1st Ave., Seattle, WA. 98121

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Join the millions of men and women who have come to Bosley for answers to their hair restoration questions

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Evan Saito Before and After

I had zero expectations and was pretty skeptical if this would work or make a difference. After [hairs] starting sprouting at 4 weeks or so, I kept looking to see them grow longer and in more places. - Evan


2 / 5

I loved wearing braids. What I didn’t realize was I was damaging my hairline. It wasn’t until I started wearing wigs for work that I realized the extent of the damage. I started researching on the internet and found out that I suffered from traction alopecia. I also found out that I am not alone. Many women suffer from this. After all the research I did, I realized there was really only one answer to fix my hairline, and it was hair restoration.

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3 / 5
Bosley patient Kelly before

When I was in high school, I started noticing hair loss. I would think about it going to bed, when waking up, I would have to always think of the hair styles before getting them. After doing my research, I called Bosley and set up a consultation. Bosley was easy, affordable and it's the best thing I ever did. Bosley gave me my life back!

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4 / 5
Bosley patient Josh G before Before

I can swim now without being embarrassed about how my hair/scalp looks. Now it takes seconds to get my hair looking presentable. Love, Love, Love my results! Thanks, Bosley!

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5 / 5
Bosley patient Torrance before Before

Actual Bosley Patient. Individual results may vary.

Bosley was the best choice I ever made for myself.

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Local Reviews

368 Reviews

Jun 6, 2023

Laura was great about walking me through options and answering my questions. Glad I went!

Jun 5, 2023

You made me feel that I was the center of your attention

May 25, 2023

Explained everything clearly & all staff was really wonderful! MA's warm, personal, put me at ease at crucial time.

May 24, 2023

Unfortunately my donor hair area came up a little bit short. I drove myself so that restricted the meds. Was painstaking at times during and for the first night. After that really didn't need meds. Doing ok so far. Great team 😊

May 18, 2023

I have so many positive words for the hair restoration work completed by Dr. Lee and his team at Bosley Seattle. He put me at ease quickly with the procedure with his knowledge and answering all my questions and his wonderful work he did for me in my hair restoration. I look so good now the hair in front is so full it is awesome!!

May 18, 2023

Awesome team at Bosely in Seattle! Dr. Steven Lee is a great doctor who is outstanding at his work. He is so very kind, compassionate, caring, knowledgeable and fantastic with great skill and precision in Hair transplant and Hair Restoration! He does it all with great technique and is very skilled. I am so happy with the outcome with my hair transplant because of the great work of Dr. Lee. The Seattle team at the office are the most friendly I have seen, very considerate, helpful, and everyone always goes above and beyond and helped me throughout the process. Brenda the office manager is so helpful and very kind and friendly too! They all really care about their patients and it shows in how well they all interact with clients and with each other! The team has great expertise and skill as well! Great team effort there with everyone well synchronized in a great harmonious manner working together to get my hair transplant complete. Thank you Dr. Steven Lee, Brenda, and everyone at Bosely in Seattle for all your great work and for all you do!! I feel so good with my new hair, it is so full now and the receding hair line is gone, wow what a difference! I feel so great with more confidence in myself then ever! Thanks again Bosley team Seattle! Dr. Lee, your great skill and hard work in hair restoration and hair transplant shows in the work you did on my hair, it looks full and awesome! People have noticed and have commented many times on how great, thick and full my hair looks and have given me so many great compliments! Thanks again Dr. Lee!

May 16, 2023

Overall great experience

May 16, 2023

Overall great experience. Staff was friendly, helpful, and provided guidance every step of the way

May 6, 2023

My availability to fly to Seattle and Bosley’s subsequent ability to put me on the schedule was somewhat last minute. Accordingly I was not as aware of all the details like specific costs and additional available hair treatment options. I felt frustrated by this. Your staff was professional in handling my concerns. From the moment I walked in the office I felt your people/staff were personable, competent and a team with my procedure as their focus. I will recommend your clinic. John

May 2, 2023

Everyone that was part of the medical team in my case was extremely kind and caring. They each played a vital role in helping me feel comfortable throughout my procedure. From Dr. Rekow to Brenda the office manager and everyone in between! Dr. Rekow was exceptionally thorough in explaining everything to me and did not rush the procedure at all. Whenever I call with questions/concerns Brenda would get them addressed right away. I felt confidence and trust that my care was in the hands of professionals who not only know what they are doing but also care about what they are doing. I was nervous about having this done but the team did their best to make this experience as stress free as possible for me and I am so grateful for them all!

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