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Common Household Items That May Cause Hair Loss

Every household likely uses a variety of items containing chemicals for cleaning and gardening. Some of these chemicals can cause some health issues, including hair loss if ingested or in some cases, on contact. Heavy metals or heavy toxins like lead, mercury, iron, and copper can be found in paints, electrical work, arts and crafts, or any other activity that may create metal fillings. Common household pesticides can contain arsenic or formaldehyde, which can also affect your overall health and the health of your hair.

In order to prevent accidental ingestion, it is important to always keep any toxins stored away from pets and children and to always take the proper precautions when using harsh chemicals. If you think you may have ingested a toxic material, call your local poison control center or emergency center for information. Most toxins can extremely dangerous, even in small quantities. If you think your hair loss is caused by chemical ingestion or toxic contact, we suggest that you seek your physician to identify the causes and possible treatments.

If you find that hair loss persists even after you lay off these chemicals, there is a good chance that your hair loss is hereditary, stress related or is a symptom of another ailment. Your doctor should be able to provide a diagnosis on what is causing your hair loss.

Bosley has been the leader in hair restoration since 1974. We treat men and women, from all over the world, who suffer from progressive hair loss. To find out which treatment option is right for you, request a FREE guide to hair restoration  or schedule a free, private consultation with Bosley today.  During this consultation, a Bosley counselor and/or physician can help you understand your hair loss and the available treatment options.

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