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Marc First Noticed Losing His Hair at Nineteen

Marc is an attorney and avid outdoorsman who began losing his hair when he was nineteen.  When he was in his twenties he had given up on ever getting his hair back until he moved to Los Angeles and found Bosley.  Today Marc’s hair is fully restored along with his confidence. “I like outdoorsy things.  … Continued

Bosley has completely turned my life around in ways I had no idea

People come to Bosley because they want completely natural-looking hair restoration results from experienced surgeons. Bill is one of those people, a musician seen by thousands during his orchestra performances. Bill became self-conscious of his thinning hair and made the choice to do something about it. He decided on hair transplantation because he wanted his … Continued

Bosley Patient Testimonial – Steven A (Video)

Steven, a business manager and triathlete, started to notice how much his thinning hair was bothering him during a triathlon, when he had to remove his swim cap and felt pangs of anxiety about how his hair looked to the crowd. At this point, he’d been dealing with the hair loss by doing the minimal … Continued

Bosley Patient Testimonial (Video) – Marc B

Marc, an attorney and avid outdoorsman, was so distraught with his early hair loss (he started to notice it at age 19!) that he was too afraid to even touch his hair for fear of losing even more hair. His confidence took a major blow as he stayed single through college, but when he moved … Continued

Bosley Patient Review (Video) – Lindin E.

Linden, a personal trainer and body builder, began noticing an increasing amount of his hair in the sink every morning, and realized that his hair loss was not going to stop overnight or on it’s own.  He started by changing hairstyles and wearing caps and hats to conceal his thinning hair. After seeing no success … Continued

Bosley Patient Testimonial – Keith B (Video)

Keith used to spend hours in front of the mirror each morning meticulously styling his hair to hide his hair loss, but he was never able to feel fully confident about it when he was out in public. His over self-consciousness prevented him from living his life as fully as he’d like to. Keith decided … Continued

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