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Is there a way to make my hair thicker?

Hair thickness, like color and the amount of follicles on your head, is predetermined by genetics. However, external causes like toxins and damage from heat and coloring may be causing your hair to thin. Also for many men and women, age can cause hair to feel thinner over time, when in fact it’s just gradual hair loss. Bosley offers the Professional Strength Kit for Men and Women that offers a five-step solution to thinning hair and includes products that help to nourish, volumize, and thicken hair. Although this can help thicken your hair and slow down thinning it is not a permanent solution to hair loss.

As always, if you begin to experience hair loss suddenly, you should consult with your physician first to rule out any medical conditions or external factors. To find out of the Bosley Professional Strength Kit is right for you, or if another treatment option would be better, Bosley suggests you schedule a free consultation.