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Summer Shedding: The Why’s and How’s of Summer Hair Loss

Summer welcomes us to cook-outs, ice pops, pool parties, and other ways to escape the heat. But Summer could also bring a change to your hair’s growth cycle. If you didn’t know already, it’s completely normal for you to shed between 50-100 hair follicles every day. However, research suggests some people may notice an increase … Continued

Bosley Patient Testimonial – Jerry L

Meet Jerry Jerry is an entertainer and musician. Jerry had Class 3 hair loss and came to Bosley to restore his hairline, his image and his confidence on and off the stage. “I have been in show business my whole life. I have toured with big artists like Ricky Martin, Mark Anthony, and I work … Continued

Bosley Patient Testimonial – Grant G

Meet Grant. Grant is a college student that started noticing his hair loss early in life, at the age of 17. He went to Bosley to get his confidence back! “I started noticing my hair loss when I was about 17 years old. That was pretty young for somebody to lose their hair. It is … Continued

Bosley Patient Testimonial – Delaina D

Meet Delaina Delaina is an entertainer. She felt like she was hiding a secret from everyone. Deliana came to Bosley after trying pretty much “everything”. “I’m going to be honest. I was hiding a secret. I loved wearing braids. What I didn’t realize was I was damaging my hairline. It wasn’t until I started wearing … Continued

Bosley Patient Testimonial – Chuck I

Meet Chuck Chuck is an IT analyst who says he became a “hat guy”. Chuck wore hats from morning until night to cover up his bald spots. Chuck decided to come to Bosley to help get his motivation back! “I tried to cover up my bald spot with a hat. I became a hat guy. … Continued

The Connection Between Stress & Hair Loss: What You Should Know

Stress is an inevitable part of our lives. Often those stressors are small, like getting caught up in a traffic jam on your way to an appointment. Sometimes though, you run into something that’s so frustrating, so anxiety-provoking that it makes you want to just tear your hair out. Chronic or prolonged stress can negatively … Continued

How to Deal with a Bald Spot: Causes and Treatments

Few moments in life are as upsetting as the day you realize that your hair is thinning. You may notice a few more hairs on the shower floor, or catch a different angle in the mirror, or a well-meaning friend might ask about it. No matter how you find out, it will likely come as … Continued

Help! I’m Losing My Hair. What Should I Do?

Denial. This can’t be happening to me. I’ve always had a thick head of hair and so have all the men on my mom’s side of the family. There’s no way I can be going bald. Anger. Why is this happening to me? My brother still has all of his hair. Why am I the … Continued

Hair Loss Diet: 5 Foods that Promote Healthy Hair

When it comes to hair loss, there are certain things that you can control and certain things that you can’t. If your hair loss is due to age or genetics, for example, no amount of healthy eating is going to help you maintain or regrow your hair. But if your hair loss is due to … Continued

Breaking Down the Stigma Behind Hair Transplants

If there’s anyone that understands the shame and fear that can come with losing your hair, it’s the hair specialists at Bosley. Over the past 40+ years, we’ve helped millions of men and women learn about hair loss and how it can affect their lives. For some, it’s caused a loss of self-confidence. For others … Continued

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