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Choosing a Physician

Dr. L. Lee Bosley,

Company founder Dr. Lee Bosley has always acknowledged that nearly any surgeon can technically perform hair restoration surgery. However, only skilled and well-trained physicians restore hairline in a manner so natural looking that they are virtually unnoticeable. That’s why it’s essential to do your homework and keep these guidelines in mind:

Hair transplantation credentials are essential

A physician should have rigorous training and experience specifically in hair restoration (not just cosmetic surgery). Improved techniques continue to be developed, so it is important to find a physician who is up to date and fully trained. At Bosley, our Medical Director and Assistant Medical Director work personally with Bosley physicians to provide extensive and ongoing training.

Hair restoration should be practiced full time

While medical hair restoration is a relatively simple, outpatient procedure from a patient's point of view, a great-looking hair transplant demands that the doctor performing the procedure has specific, meticulous skills as well a highly developed artistic feel for the procedure. These skills can only be refined through a full-time commitment to hair restoration. Bosley specializes in hair restoration procedures and products at more than 70 office locations.

Natural hairlines demand artistic ability

An artistic difference sets the Bosley brand of hair restoration apart. A physician who can produce a virtually undetectable hairline restoration must first know the classical rules of facial dimensions. He or she must have a sculptor’s sense of balance and proportion as well as a portrait painter's sense of refinement in blending and shading. Each doctor in our surgical offices undergoes extensive training to not only master the technical aspects of the Bosley procedure, but to fully realize their artistic potential. See this artistry up close using our hairline magnifier.

Understand more about how Bosley physicians create the artistic, natural hairlines we’re known for.

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